Do you have an interview with us? Please find below some great tips and useful advice on preparing for your interview, bus routes and driving directions to our Cork offices in Mahon, Model Farm Road and Curraheen.


Interview Preparation

It’s always important to be as prepared and informed as possible for any interview. Here are some tips we’ve set out to help you prepare for your interview with us.


  • Visit our website
  • Know our values, what services we provide and the different companies we work with.
  • Have a good understanding and knowledge of the role you are applying for and be able to demonstrate this throughout the interview with your examples.
  • Prepare examples in advance 
  • Use the Star technique when answering interview questions


STAR Technique

  • The star technique helps you be specific about your experience and clearly outlines a start, middle and end to each of your examples


      Situation: Describe the situation, task or issue giving plenty of detail and be specific.

      Task: What goal, deadline or result were you working towards?

      Act: Outline the steps you took in order to achieve the goal and handle the situation. Remember to focus on you and tell the interviewer what you did, how you did it and why you did it

      Result: Detail and outline the outcome. Take credit for what you did. What did you achieve? What did you learn? Etc.

The Basics

  • Ensure you know where your interview is taking place and how to get there
  • Arrive at your interview on time
  • Dress professionally
  • Remain professional 
  • Listen to the questions being asked and provide relevant examples to demonstrate this.


Bus routes to our Cork offices


Mahon Office, Blackrock Business Park, Bessboro Road, Mahon, Cork



Model Farm Road Office, Cork Business and Technology Park, Model Farm Road, Cork



Curraheen Office, Curraheen Road, Bishopstown, Co. Cork




Driving directions to our Cork offices



Mahon Office,
Blackrock Business Park,
Bessboro Road




Curraheen Office
University Technology Centre
Curraheen Road
Co. Cork




Model Farm Road Office
Cork Business and Technology Park
Model Farm Road